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Frequently Asked Questions About Karadent™

Frequently asked questions about Karadent™.

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Karadent™ is ideal when a full denture, clear framework, or nightguard is prescribed. Additionally, Karadent™ is excellent for partial dentures that require a rigid material, and for large cases where flexibility in the pallet area is not recommended. Furthermore, prescribe Karadent™ if a patient is allergic to acrylic and is looking for an aesthetic BPA and monomer free solution.

Wax up for any Karadent™ denture should be slightly thicker than for a flexible partial due to the material’s density. Waxing too thin will prevent the material from flowing evenly, which could result in short castings. 

We recommend using any standard acrylic separator. Add 1 to 2 layers of the separator and wait until it completely dries. The separator should be applied on a warm flask, this will prevent the separator from peeling and mixing with the material. 

For best results, we recommend using the TCS Pink Zirconia Burs or any acrylic burs to finish and the Green Hi-Shine polishing paste to polish Karadent™.  

Always apply Brown Tripoli with a clean Rag Buff on medium-high pressure before using Green Hi-Shine. Then apply the Green Hi-Shine using a dry Rag Buff at high speed with moderate pressure. For a step by step guide please view or download the Finishing and Polishing eBook.

Karadent™  full dentures can be relined with acrylic. Other Karadent™ appliances can be repaired with re-injection or with a bonding agent (TCS Fusing liquid is recommended) with acrylic. Small repairs with the TCS Hot Air Welder are also doable yet, serve as a temporary ~6-month repair. 

When relining follow the same steps as relining an acrylic appliance. The main difference is that you need to apply the bonding agent to the surface you want to reline 3-5 minutes before. Then you can apply the acrylic over the roughened area and reline using the jig technique. 


When using the TCS Manual Injector or the TCS Hydraulic Injector in conjunction with the TCS Digital Furnace or with any injector: 

  • Using 25mm cartridges
    • 550°F (288°C) | 15-16 min   

When using the TCS Automatic Air Injector 110V

  • Using 25mm cartridges
    • 320°C | 15-16 min | 150 – 165 PSI
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