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Doctors are prescribing TCS for patients with missing teeth for its reliability, comfort, and superior aesthetics.

TCS offers two base materials for flexible partial dentures (Unbreakable™ and iFlex™)
and one semi-rigid base material (Karadent™) for full dentures, clear clasps, & frameworks. 

  • Unbreakable™
  • iFlex™
  • Karadent™
Ideal for flexible partials.
Ideal for flexible partials.
Ideal for full dentures.
Lightweight and Comfortable
For flexible partial dentures
For Full Dentures
Reliable & Durable
Guaranteed Unbreakable
Monomer/BPA Free
Insurance CodesD5225 Maxillary, D5526 MandibularD5225 Maxillary, D5526 MandibularComplete Denture: D5110 Maxillary, Mandibular D5120 Partial Dentures: D5225 Maxillary, D5526 Mandibular
Ask your lab for TCS Unbreakable™ by name.Ask your lab for iFlex™ by tcs® by name.Ask your lab for Karadent™ by tcs® by name.

Tips and Techniques

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Benefits of TCS Appliances

Lightweight and Comfortable.

TCS resins have properties that allow partials to be fabricated very thin without compromising durability, making them very flexible and comfortable for every day use. 

Aesthetic. Undetectable in the mouth.

TCS restorations are manufactured to blend naturally with a patients surrounding tissue and gums. A well designed and fabricated TCS appliance is unnoticeable in a patient's mouth.

BPA & Monomer Free.

TCS restorations are biocompatible and ideal for patients that are allergic to monomer found in acrylic dentures.


Unlike permanent tooth replacement options such as, crown/bridge and implants, TCS partials are non-invasive, making them ideal for patients with a low threshold for pain and/or for the elderly. The unique characteristics of TCS partials utilize the tissue undercuts and portions of abutment teeth for retention. 


TCS restorations can last a lifetime. Their unique characteristics allow for a break resistant and highly durable restoration. Natural changes in the mouth may require changes to the restoration. Eg. tooth addition. 

Indications & Contraindications

Indications for Unbreakable™ and iFlex™ Flexible Partials.
  • Economical, aesthetic solution for missing teeth. 
  • Patients with concerns over metal restorations.
  • Gingival veneers to mask exposed root surfaces.
  • Patients with allergies to monomer and/or nickel.
  • Transitional restoration during the healing period for implants.
  • Patients with presence of tori.
  • Oral cancer patients.
  • Cleft palate patients.
Indications for metal with Unbreakable™ and iFlex™.
  • Need for more rigid appliance due to poor tissue support or few remaining teeth
  • Free-end saddle with teeth missing from the 1st bicuspid
  • Cast rest seats if soft tissue is a concern

Note: Consider Karadent when more stability is required.

Contraindications for Unbreakable™ & iFlex™.
  • Full denture
  • Immediate application: due to recession, allow 8 to 10 weeks healing time when prescribing a TCS restoration as a permanent solution
Indications for Karadent™.
  • Full dentures, partial dentures that require a rigid material, clear frameworks, & nightguards
  • Economical, aesthetic solution for missing teeth
  • Patients with concerns over metal restorations
  • Patients with allergies to monomer and/or nickel
  • Transitional restoration during the healing period for implants
  • Partials when more stability is needed due to poor tissue support or few remaining teeth
  • Partials when more stability is needed for free-end saddles with teeth missing from the 1st bicuspid
Contraindications for Karadent™.
  • Flexible Partial Dentures
  • Patients with the presence of lingual tori

A Genuine TCS Appliance

There are many imitation products that are not FDA cleared, nor do they have the unique characteristics of TCS. Be sure you are receiving a genuine TCS appliance.

Choose a trustworthy lab
Ask for a list of TCS Certified Labs. 

Ask your laboratory for TCS by name

Ensure the following
Be sure the appliance is in a branded plastic bag along with a TCS patient care pamphlet and a sample of *TCS Concentrated Dental Appliance Cleaner. (USA only)

Offer a Professional
Cleaning Solution
To Your Patients

Offer TCS Fresh Dental Appliance Cleaner to your patients
for an easy way to maintain their TCS Appliances. 

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TCS Resins

No, Unbreakable™ and iFlex™ are specifically formulated for flexible partial dentures. Prescribe Karadent™ for full dentures. View Karadent™ by tcs® under TCS Resins for more information. 


Due to recession, it is recommended to allow 8 to 10 weeks healing time when prescribing a TCS appliance as a permanent solution. This is not necessary if the appliance is being used as a temporary solution. 

TCS appliances are designed to last a lifetime. Over time natural changes in the patient’s mouth may occur, should modifications be needed, TCS appliances can usually be adjusted rather than replaced.

No tooth preparation is necessary when prescribing TCS partials. The unique characteristics of these materials utilize tissue undercuts and portions of abutment teeth for retention. However, tooth preparation may be necessary for rest seats and combination cases.  

Teeth and/or clasps can be added to TCS resins. This is a laboratory procedure.  

Relining TCS resins is a laboratory procedure. In most cases where an overall reline is needed, the case is jumped into a new base.

Unbreakable™- Pink Zirconia Burs, Green Mounted Stones, and Brown Rubber Points.  

iFlex™- Pink Zirconia Burs or any Carbide Bur (including burs used for acrylic), and Brown Rubber Points. 

Karadent™- Pink Zirconia Burs or any Carbide Bur (including burs used for acrylic), and Green Mounted Stones. Karadent™ can be adjusted using traditional acrylic techniques.   


We offer free patient educational brochures full of helpful information for your patients. View Promotional Material to view, download or order brochures with optimal patient maintenance information. Additionally, you should receive a free sample of *TCS Concentrated Dental Appliance Cleaner (1-week sample) with every TCS appliance you receive from your lab. 

*Fabricated in the USA and Canada.

There are many imitation products that are not FDA cleared, nor have the unique characteristics of TCS. The laboratory that you choose should be trustworthy. Ask your laboratory if they use TCS brands and be sure to ask for Unbreakable™ (aka TCS), iFlex™, or Karadent™ by name on the prescription. Additionally, to ensure that you are receiving a genuine TCS product, be sure the appliance is received in a TCS branded plastic bag along with a TCS patient care pamphlet, *TCS Concentrated Dental Appliance Cleaner sample, and that the TCS brand is indicated on the bill. *Fabricated in the USA and Canada. 

Confirm that the laboratory actually used a TCS brand material and that the brand is indicated on the bill. Ask the laboratory for the complimentary sample of TCS Concentrated Dental Appliance Cleaner and the patient care pamphlet that is included with the raw materials. If the laboratory cannot provide the above, it is possible that the product is not a genuine TCS product or that it is a TCS product but it is being fabricated outside the USA. 

D5225 Maxillary   |   D5526 Mandibular     

D5110 Maxillary   |   D5120 Mandibular  

Differences include: natural shades, durability, functionality, resistance to stains and odors, patient comfort, and more. View TCS Resins for more information. Additionally, TCS resins are manufactured in the USA from the highest quality medical grade components meeting ISO 13485 standards. 

No, many high-quality laboratories do not participate in our certification program. However, laboratories that do participate have gone through the application process and demonstrated mastery work with thermoplastic restorations.  

Although Unbreakable™ and iFlex™ are very similar and are used for the same indications, there are some differences to be mentioned.  

Unbreakable™ is a nylon-based material, this technology has been used for flexible partials for over 60 years, and has long-lasting proven success. It is a durable material that is guaranteed unbreakable under normal usage. Adjusting Unbreakable™ is simple, however, it takes some specialty skills. Pink Zirconia Burs, green points and brown rubber points are recommended when adjusting. 

iFlex™ is a newer technology that was launched in 2012, it is a polyolefin-based material. It is durable and clinically unbreakable under normal usage. iFlex™ tends to be easier to adjust and is slightly more translucent than Unbreakable™. It is also slightly more flexible, although flexibility of both products will depend on design and thickness of the partial. iFlex™ can be adjusted with Pink Zirconia Burs and most carbide burs.  

Both materials, are formulated for removable flexible partials with aesthetic, functionality, and patient comfort in mind. Deciding which material is simply a matter of preference by you and the dental technician. 

TCS Fresh

For stubborn stains, soak appliance in denture cleansing solution overnight. Brushing or using harsh abrasives will not be effective and may damage the appliance. 

These are all harsh products that should not be used to clean dental appliances. Harsh cleaning products can cause discoloration or scratch the surface of the appliance, causing micro tears where bacteria can form in. 

Patients should soak their appliance at room temperature. Initially we recommend patients to use warm water to help dissolve their denture cleansing solution. Patients should NOT use boiling water as this may warp the appliance. 

No, the TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner should not be used in the mouth. 

Yes, however it is best practice for patients to remove their appliance to sleep. Patients should not wear their appliance 24 hours a day without removing them for proper oral hygiene. Note that some designs of dental appliances are not recommended to wear while sleeping, advice your patients on appliance usage.

Although using more TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner will not damage the appliance, our cleaner is concentrated and it is not necessary to use more than the recommended. 

The TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner’s ingredient combination is formulated to effectively clean for 7 days. This non-chlorinated solution is safe and concentrated for effective results. Simply instruct patients to rinse the appliance under running water prior to submerging it into the solution. This will maintain the solution keeping it free of food particles.  

Most appliances can be submerged in the solution whenever they are not being worn. However, soft liners and some types of guards should only be soaked for approximately 15 minutes.

TCS does not contain harsh chemicals nor forms of chlorine often found in similar cleansers. Additionally, TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner is a professional strength cleaner, which means that it does not contain fillers that can weaken the cleansing effectiveness.