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Hands-On Training

We highly recommend that new and experienced technicians attend our hands-on training classes to stay up to date on the latest technical practices. 


  • Essential Skills: Our one-day courses are just what technicians need to learn the fundamental theory behind removable flexible partials and every step necessary to fabricate a flexible partial. 
  • General Learning: Work with a master technician who will work at your pace and answer all your questions. Students can also keep in contact with out master technician for assistance on difficult cases they might encounter in the lab.
  • Real Life Cases: Work on duplicates of actual cases that are commonly seen in labs. Working with real cases allows students to develop time-saving skills, learn tips for better results and avoid common mistakes. 
  • Lab Technician Approved: Our training courses have been popular since 2002. Today, our courses maintain their popularity thanks to the feedback and new skills lab technicians provide us. With the help of lab technicians, we will continuously adjust our courses to stay relevant to today’s climate because we believe all students deserve the most out of their TCS training. 

Our one-day courses are taught in an eight hour period with breaks. Courses walk students through:

1) Case design and blockout
2) Teeth setup and waxing
3) Investing and flasking
4) Injection and understanding all TCS injection units
5) Finishing and polishing
6) Repairs and rebase
7) Inject unilateral JP90 Handheld Injector

By the end of this course students should understand the key points in creating a successful partial; observe a model, visualize a design, path of insertion, necessary blockout, etc.
Students may also earn 8 CDT credits for completion the course.

Elvis Rosado, is the owner of Matrix Dental Laboratory in New York and is a Master Technician in the fabrication of thermoplastic appliances. He has worked in the industry since 1977 and has shared his knowledge with countless technicians around the world. Elvis shares 46 years’ worth of expertise on understanding and fabricating flexible partials with all TCS Hands-On Training students.

Due to Covid-19 all training dates have been cancelled until further notice. 


Pricing for one-day courses:

First Technician: $199
Second Technician: $149
Third + Technicians: $99


1 technician

1-day course

  • 8 CDT credits
  • Lunch

2 technicians

1-day course

  • 8 CDT credits
  • Lunch

3 technicians

1-day course

  • 8 CDT credits
  • Lunch

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" The presentation and lecture was the best I've ever attended. Well worth taking the day for continuing education. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.
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"This training course was off-the-charts"
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"It is one of the best courses I have attended. Thoroughly engaged and motivated class."