together we smile

The Together We Smile – TCS Gives Back Charitable Event is an outreach program that travels to remote areas across the globe to deliver partials and dentures to people in need.
The program thrives today thanks to its collaboration with local dentists and technicians.


Together We Smile Launch

Although oral health care is available in many countries, those who live on low incomes have no real access to proper oral care and treatment. TCS launched Together We Smile to serve those communities and bring happy smiles to all. 


Our Values

Every Together We Smile patient is treated with TCS IQ in mind because everyone deserves a TCS smile. Together as a team, we focus on bringing the utmost quality and care to our patients, no matter where we are.

19 November 2019

Giving Back

Although our trips are full of long days and hard work, the experience is extremely rewarding. Join us in giving back any way you can; volunteer your talents, donate supplies, or give charity for a good cause. 


Smiles For All

During every together we smile trip we strive to produce the maximum amount of partials and dentures our volunteers can handle. Our outreach team works long hours to make dreams come true.

Since our first trip in 2018, TCS has attended 132 patients!

Our Trips

Volunteer Experiences

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