How to care for your Appliance

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Oral Health Is Important

Caring for your removable appliance is important for your oral health. Be sure to establish a dental hygiene routine that includes rinsing appliances after each meal and soaking them in a cleansing solution once a day.

Like your natural teeth, removable appliances require thorough care. The American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) recommends that dentures be cleaned daily by soaking and brushing with an effective, non-abrasive denture cleanser to reduce levels of biofilm and potentially harmful bacteria and fungi.

Develope a dental routine for preventative care

Rinse after every meal

Rinse after every meal

Rinse your appliance after each meal to remove food particles that may accumulate and cause discomfort or bacteria overgrowth.
Clean daily

Clean daily

The most effective method to keep your appliance clean is by using a soaking solution. Using a toothbrush and toothpaste, or similar cleaning products, may discolor or scratch the surface of the appliance causing micro-tears where bacteria can form in. Use a non-chlorinated, non-abrasive cleaner and a soft bristle brush to keep appliances looking and feeling like new.
Always soak

Always soak

Soak your appliance whenever it is not being used. Many appliances are made with materials that need moisture, to avoid warpage. To help appliances maintain their shape and pliability, soak appliances in water or a denture cleanser solution.

Why is cleaning an appliance important to oral health?

Reduce microbial plaque biofilm

Microbial Biofilms are complex communities of bacteria that can be found in the human body and natural environment. Due to the nature of biofilms, microbial plaque biofilm adheres to teeth, dental appliances and other crevices in the mouth. If biofilms mature, they become difficult to reduce and may lead to gingivitis or gum disease. Although biofilms cannot be completely eliminated, they can be reduced through toothbrushing, flossing, and other preventative products. Using denture cleansers and daily brushing significantly reduces microbial numbers.

Prevent denture stomatitis

Denture stomatitis is a common inflammatory condition of mucosal tissue in denture wearers that is triggered by microorganisms. The yeast/fungi causing microorganisms populate the mouth and the dental appliance causing reddening of the skin underneath the appliance. In some cases, sores may also be present. To minimize the risk of denture stomatitis establish a daily cleaning routine. Consult your doctor if you believe you have denture stomatitis. 

Prolong the lifespan of your appliance

Like our natural teeth, appliances need to be cleaned. Although, the materials used to make dental appliances are durable, overtime abrasive materials can harm the appliance and excessive brushing can cause scratches or roughness. Cleaning your appliance with a cleanser that is compatible with denture materials and is non-abrasive is vital to the health of an appliance

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The "Go-To" Cleaner


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TCS Concentrated Dental Appliance Cleaner

  • Safe and concentrated solution for quick and effective results
  • Non-chlorinated solutions (which means, it won't discolor, damage, or have unpleasant taste and odor).
  • Removes stains that brushing alone can leave behind. E.g. Stains caused by tobacco, coffee, tea, blueberries, curry, etc.
  • Removes iron stains as well as plaque, tartar, calcium, and calculus.
  • Rinses well.
  • Excellent for a variety of dental appliances.
  • We recommend to use with the TCS Dental Appliance Brush; it's soft bristles brush without scratching the surface of your appliance.

Effectively Cleanses

Instructions Of Use

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remove stains from my dental appliance?

For stubborn stains soak appliance in denture cleansing solution overnight. Brushing or using harsh abrasives will not be effective and may damage the appliance.

Can I use vinegar, bleach, or baking soda to clean my appliance?

These are harsh products that should not be used to clean dental appliances. Harsh cleaning products can cause discoloration or scratch the surface of the appliance, causing micro tears where bacteria can form in.

What temperature should I use to soak my appliance?

Soak your appliance at room temperature. Initially we recommend you use warm water to help dissolve the denture cleansing solution. DO NOT use boiling water as this may warp the appliance. 

Can I wear my appliance to sleep?

Yes, however, it is best practice for patients to remove their appliance to sleep. You should not wear your appliance 24 hours a day without removing them for proper oral hygiene. Note: that some designs of dental appliances are not be recommended for overnight use, ask your dental professional.

Can I use TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner on my natural teeth?

No, this product should not be used in the mouth. 

Can I use more TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner than what is recommended?

Although this will not damage your appliance, TCS Cleaner is concentrated and it is not necessary to use more than the recommended amount.

Once prepared, will TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner solution really last for 7 days?

The TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner’s ingredient combination is formulated to effectively clean for 7 days. This non-chlorinated solution is safe and concentrated for effective results. Simply rinse the appliance under running water prior to submerging it into the solution. This will maintain the solution keeping it free of food particles.

What if I run out of cleaner for a few days?

Normally, a few days will not create an issue; simply brush the appliance with a soft bristle brush and soak in water.

How long can I soak my appliance in TCS Dental Appliance solution?

Most appliances can be submerged in the solution whenever they are not being worn. However, soft liners and some types of guards should only be soaked for approximately 15 minutes. 

How does TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner compare to similar products on the market?

TCS does not contain harsh chemicals nor forms of chlorine often found in similar cleansers. Additionally, TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner is a professional strength cleaner, which means that it does not contain fillers that can weaken the cleansing effectiveness.