How It Works

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    Register to become a Doctor Affiliate.

    Login to as a doctor and submit an application to become a Fresh Affiliate. Applications take 72 hours to process for acceptance.

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    Receive a FREE Welcome Kit, which includes:

    A) 50 coupons to distribute to your patients. (Coupons offer patients a FREE Dental Appliance Brush) Each coupon will include a unique PROMO code which links the sale to your affiliation. B) 25 TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner sample packets with printed instructions. Each printed piece will include a unique PROMO code which links the sale to your affiliation (one-week supply each). C) 20 patient educational brochures on how to care for dental appliances.

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    Share coupons and samples with your patients.

    Share with patients who own all types of removable appliances. To order more promo material contact us at:

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    Every time your PROMO code is used to purchase the TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner:

    A) Receive a 10% commission from the total sales amount. B) The patient receives a FREE Dental Appliance Brush.

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    Track your earnings & enjoy the benefits:

    A) View your portal and track your commissions. B) When you earn $50 you'll receive a check for your earnings. C) Receive exclusive bi-monthly promotions.

Grow your earnings!

Link us to your website and earn an additional 5% commission for a total of 15% per referral. No limits!

Why Join

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    The Affiliate Program is FREE to join.

    The TCS Fresh Affiliate program is free and easy to join with no purchase requirements.

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    Easy commission.

    Receive 10% commission of the sale amount every time your patients order.

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    You can trust Fresh!

    All TCS orders have free shipping and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Your patients will appreciate the professional strength results the TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner offers and love how reliable Fresh is.

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    Happy Patients

    All patients who use your unique PROMO code will receive a FREE Dental Appliance Brush.

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    Exclusive promotions.

    All affiliates will receive exclusive bi-monthly promotions. Promotions range from 20% entire purchase to BOGO!

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Be sure to create an account as a dentist to access discounted prices and sign up to be a Fresh Affiliate.