TCS Certified Labs

Dental Professionals can request a list of TCS Certified Labs. 
We take pride in providing products of the highest quality. Our goal is to get the same high quality to the final product so that the patient can reap the benefits of a properly constructed appliance. It is our du diligence to ensure that we are referring laboratories that have the experience and training to offer a high quality product.  

Request a List of Certified Labs

Become a TCS Certified Laboratory.

Why Should I Become a TCS Certified Lab?

1. Your lab will be listed in our Referral program for Dentists.

2. Participate an our reward-point system to redeem for TCS's most popular tools.

3. Receive a TCS Certified Lab Certificate, a TCS apron, a pack of medium 25mm st. pink cartridges.

4. Receive 10% off repairs on TCS equipment.

5. Use the exclusive TCS Certified Lab logo to advertise your certification.

6. Work with our marketing team for personalized promotional material and social media posts.

7. Be the first to know about TCS new products and exciting news.

Check what applies to you.

If the answer to the questions above is YES, you are welcome to apply

1. Complete application below.

3. Email required documents to: With subject line: "Certified Lab Application".

4. Fabricate a TCS appliance and text images and videos following the step-by-step guide below, "How To Submit Your Virtual Case" to (562) 421-1225 .

5. Wait for a TCS rep to contact you for a Zoom Meeting to review your fabricated case.

How To Submit Your Virtual Case

Thank you for your interest in becoming a TCS Certified Laboratory. You will need to fabricate a TCS appliance using one of the three TCS resins (Unbreakable™, iFlex™, or Karadent™) to complete the application process. Be sure to produce your best work as you will need to document your virtual case and submit the videos/photos for your application to be approved. 

Follow this step-by-step guide to correctly document and submit your TCS case for evaluation.

Before submitting your virtual case for evaluation, verify that you have already submitted your TCS Certified Lab Application. To verify, please email our sales team with the subject line, “Certified Lab Application” and state your laboratory’s name along with the date the application was submitted on: 


TCS will use this 4-point scale to score your virtual case under the following criteria listed in the chart below.

4 – Excellent           3 – Good         2 – Fair         1 – Needs Improvement




Score out of 4




























Our team will need a minimum of 5 images of your virtual case. Cases will only be evaluated if the following images are provided. Below are examples of the angles we require. Any additional images are not required but always welcomed. 

Our team will need a minimum of 2 videos of your virtual case. Cases will only be evaluated if the following videos are provided. Any additional videos are not required but always welcomed. 

Video 1: Document the case fitting to the model. Be sure to capture the snap to the model.

Video 2: With the appliance fitted to the model, rotate the case, and capture every angle of the case. Be sure to move slowly and focus on all the details.


Text* all media to our sales team: 

Text Phone #: 562-241-1225

*Note the name of your laboratory and the name on your application. 

Once we receive your entire application we will evaluate your work and contact you to set up a Zoom Evaluation with our team. 
During your Zoom Evaluation, we will walk through your rubric scores and accept or deny your application accordingly.