TCS Ultimate Cleaning Package

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TCS Concentrated Dental Appliance Cleaner  Item # 4505-01

  • Professional strength
  • Deep cleans, removes stains, and kills odor
  • Use daily, it will keep appliances looking and feeling like new
  • 10 month supply

TCS Sonic Cleaner  Item # 4013-01

  • Professional cleaning results at home
  • Sonic vibrations help remove particles 
  • Must be used in combination with TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner
  • Ideal to use as storage container

TCS Coool Mint Spray Item # 4504/PY-01

  • Mint flavored spray
  • Use to refresh dental appliances on-the-go
  • Yields approx. 200 misty sprays

TCS Dental Appliance Brush Item # 4506FR-01

  • Soft bristle brush to thoroughly clean dental appliances without scratching the surface

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