TCS Concentrated Dental Appliance Cleaner

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CLEANS & REFRESHES!  Used daily, it will keep appliance looking and feeling like new! 

Dissolves away stains that brushing leaves behind.
Remove coffee, tea, tobacco, and iron stains as well as plaque, tartar, calcium and calculus.

Soak appliance for at least 15 minutes per day. Appliances can also be left soaking overnight or whenever they are not being worn, except appliances containing soft liners, these should not be soaked for more than 15 minutes per cleaning .
Safe for use on: dentures, partials, retainers,aligners, nightguards, mouthguards.

 Item # 4505-01             Box of 10 (10 month supply- 7g per packet)

 Item # 4505FR-01         Box of  70 (7g per packet)

 Item # 4505FR-SMP      Box of  75 (sample packets- 1.75g per packet)

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