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Save With Bulk Order

Dental Professionals can save with purchasing TCS Fresh in bulk. Get a free display box with order of 9+ boxes to display in your office and offer TCS Fresh to your patients.

9 boxes ~ 6 month supply

Ideal for patients to cleanse & refreshen their TCS Flexible Partials.

  • Professionally dissolves away stains that brushing leaves behind.
  • Removes coffee, tea, tobacco, and iron stains.
  • Acts as a protectant agains biofilm contributors such as plaque, tartar, calcium and calculus.

To be used daily to keep appliances looking and feeling like new. Simply soak appliance for at least 15 minutes a day. TCS Flexible Partials can also be left soaking overnight or whenever they are not being worn.

Safe for use on other type of appliances, such as, nightguards, acrylic dentures, aligners, sportsguards, and other removable dental appliances (except appliances containing soft liners, these should not be soaked for more than 15 minutes per cleaning.

View How To Care For Your Appliance for more details.

Item Code: 4505-02  Box of 24 pkt. 

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