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iFlex™ by TCS (Millable Discs)

iFlex™ is a highly translucent, polyolefin thermoplastic popular for its simplicity to finish and polish among dental technicians and its resistance to stains and easy maintenance among patients.  iFlex™ offers an ideal degree of flexibility and allows for a durable, lightweight, and modern flexible partial.

Millable Disc Tips

Standard Pink (Shade 2)
   98x20mm: 5000/D98x20-2
   98x25mm: 5000/D98x25-2

Light/Dark Pink (Shade 3)
   98x20mm: 5000/D98x20-3
   98x25mm: 5000/D98x25-3

Natural (Shade N)
   98x20mm: 5000/D98x20-N
   98x25mm: 5000/D98x25-N


Technical Worksheets