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Diatoric holes must meet in a "T Shape" to ensure proper flow.

Processing Tools

TCS Cement

3801-01    1/2 oz.

TCS Cement.

Use to secure teeth in the stone prior to injection. Mild enough to keep teeth from bonding to the stone during injection. 

Item Code: 3801-01   1/2 oz.


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Fusing Liquid

3812-01    1/2 oz.

Fusing Liquid.

For repairs and additions to existing TCS restorations. The Fusing Liquid is ONLY used when flasking and injecting are necessary.

Item Code: 3812-01   1/2 oz.


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Mold Release Spray

3814-01    12 oz.

Mold Release Spray.

Colorless and non-staining, multi-purpose lubricating spray, used to ease the purging of the furnace accessories and TCS cartridges during the injection process.

Item Code: 3814-01   12 oz.


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Hot Air Welder


Hot Air Welder.

Hand torch in a slim design for minor repairs or additions to TCS restorations. Refillable with butane (butane not included).

Item Code: 3714-01

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Twist Drills

Available in a variety of sizes.   6 pcs

Twist Drills.

Use to create the necessary diatoric retention in acrylic teeth when fabricating TCS restorations.

Item Codes:
005   5005-01   6 pcs.
006   5006-01   6 pcs.
009   5009-01   6 pcs.
012    5012-01     6 pcs.


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EZ Flow

4217-01 (16 oz.) 4218-01 (1 gal)


EZ Flow.

Separating medium for processing thermoplastics. Eliminates the stone sticking to the partial, leaving it shiny and clean.

Item Codes:
4217-01   16 oz.
4218-01   1 gallon.


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Empty Cartridges

Available in a variety of sizes.

Empty Cartridges.

Empty cartridges are sold in packs of 50.

Item Codes:

 25mm 28mm22mm
Medium 3003-01M3003-01MF3003-01M22

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TCS Putty & Catalyst

4296-01.  400g

TCS Putty.

Use to create a matrix when injecting with the JP90 Handheld Injector. Can also be used to invest for clean injections.

Item Codes:
4296-01   400 g 

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How To: Tips & Techniques


Why thicker is not always better - TCS putty

When using TCS Putty in the investment process, thicker is not always better. The thicker you apply the TCS Putty, the higher the chance it has to expand and cause movement in the teeth or gauge wax up.


TCS Putty and Crazy Glue

When using the TCS Putty, note that TCS Cement will not hold onto the putty. Instead, use very small drops of crazy glue on the facing of the teeth.


How to polish hard to reach areas

If you have trouble polishing hard to reach areas on a combo metal partial, use the TCS Hot Air Welder. Lightly go over hard to reach areas with the welder until a shine is produced. *Use with caution and only for small, hard to reach areas.