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Manufacturing high performing materials for the most aesthetic, durable, and comfortable removable dental appliances.

With three distinct resins to choose from, it's no wonder TCS is one of the most popular solutions for missing teeth.
TCS specializes in BPA and monomer free thermoplastic resins for the fabrication of removable dental appliances.
The tissue colored clasps are adapted close to the gingiva making the appliances undetectable in the mouth.

ISO Certified

As an ISO Certified Company TCS follows a strict management system and manufacturing process that ensures quality assurance. TCS management monitors and reviews its quality through the implementation of an effective Quality Management System based on ISO 13485 standards.

in the USA

The majority of our products including our resins, equipment and cleansers are manufactured in-house in CA, USA. Our core values or TCS IQ, ensures our manufacturing process aims for quality and excellence to offer our customers a superior product.

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We love that the relationships we build within our industry help us create magic. Find out how TCS partners with local dentists and technicians to produce real smiles in low income communities.

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