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Three resilient resins for seamless flexible partials and dentures

A nylon thermoplastic with unbeatable strength! The most popular material for flexible partials. Guaranteed unbreakable and designed for exceptional memory to hold its form. 

A polyolefin thermoplastic with translucent finish. iFlex Flexible Partials are most popular for their stain resistance and easy maintenance.

A semi-rigid, microcrystalline polymer thermoplastic for full dentures, semi-flexible partials, clear clasps, and nightguards. Ideal as an upgrade from acrylic dentures for a BPA and monomer free appliance.  

Discounted prices for TCS Fresh dental appliance cleanser.

Offer TCS Fresh Dental Appliance Cleanser to your patients wearing removable appliances for an easy and effective at-home dental appliance maintenance. 

Gain access to the TCS Fresh Pro platform for discounted prices. 

Get commission for each sale affiliated to you and give patients a free gift with purchase! 

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Make your chairside adjustments easier with exceptional TCS tools. 

Click here to gain access to purchase TCS Chairside Adjustment Tools. 

Watch a short instructional video on how to care for TCS Flexible Partials using TCS Fresh Dental Appliance Cleanser.

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D5225 Maxillary

D5526 Mandibular

D5110 Maxillary

D5120 Mandibular

A 19 page booklet including everything you need to know about TCS appliances. E.g. Impression taking, insertion techniques, chairside adjustment tools. 

We take pride in our certified labs who uphold our standards and properly construct TCS appliances.