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Empty cartridges are sold in box of 50 or by the case. Caps included.

Box of 50

Size (empty cartridges and caps)
Diameter U/M
3003-01S Small  25 mm 50/box 
3003-01M Medium  25 mm 50/box
3003-01L Large  25 mm 50/box
22 mm 50/box
3003-01L22 Large  22 mm 50/box
3003-01MF Medium  28 mm 50/box
3003-01LF Large  28 mm 50/box


By the case 

 Item Size (empty cartridges and caps) Diameter U/M
3000-01S/case Small  25 mm 1872/box
3000-01M/case Medium  25 mm 962/box
3000-01L/case Large  25mm 669/box
3000-01M22/case Medium  22 mm 2000/box
3000-01L22/case Large  22 mm 837/box
3000-01MF/case Medium  28 mm 875/box
3000-01LF/case Large  28 mm 600/box

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